Why is it necessary to be halogen-free?

The use of halogen elements in electronic equipment and materials may cause thermal decomposition under high temperature conditions, producing dangerous gases such as hydrohalic acid, and posing potential threats to equipment performance and human health. So halogen-free becomes particularly important.

Human Health Impact

When halogen-containing plastics burn, the release of acidic substances poses potential threats to human health, particularly the respiratory system. Reducing these risks requires a careful examination of material choices.

The Role of Halogen-Free Alternatives

Halogen-free plastics, incorporating flame retardants like aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide, emerge as a crucial solution for mitigating fire-related hazards.

Enhanced Fire Resistance: Compared to their halogen-containing counterparts, halogen-free plastics, coupled with flame retardants, demonstrate superior fire resistance. Water vapor release at high temperatures proves effective in suppressing fire spread.

Mitigating Toxic Gas Emission: Unlike halogen-containing plastics, halogen-free flame retardants not only ensure efficient fire resistance but also prevent the release of toxic substances during combustion, safeguarding air quality.

Environmental Responsibility: Opting for halogen-free plastics aligns with environmental sustainability. These materials minimize environmental impact in production, usage, and disposal, contributing to overall sustainable development.

Long-Term Health Assurance: Selecting halogen-free plastics not only enhances fire safety but also ensures long-term protection of human health. The non-toxic characteristics alleviate concerns about exposure to harmful substances throughout a product’s lifecycle.

Global Compliance Standards: Adherence to global regulations and standards, which increasingly restrict halogen content, becomes more accessible by choosing halogen-free plastics. This aligns with growing concerns about environmental and human health impacts.

User Awareness and Safety Measures

Especially in environments where fire hazards demand heightened vigilance, the critical importance of choosing halogen-free plastics should be emphasized. Warning users about potential risks and promoting appropriate safety measures are pivotal steps in ensuring overall safety.

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