The precipitation fine aluminum hydroxide can be used as an additive in inks.

The use of aluminum hydroxide in ink products is mainly to improve the product performance of the ink

1. Rheology and thickening: The addition of aluminum hydroxide can make the ink easier to coat and solidify, improving the printing performance and quality stability of the ink.

2. Pigment dispersion: Aluminum hydroxide particles in the ink help to stabilize the dispersion state of the pigment, prevent pigment precipitation and agglomeration, and improve the color stability and uniformity of the ink.

3. Fluidity: Adding an appropriate amount of aluminum hydroxide can make the ink easier to flow and coat during the printing process, improving printing speed and efficiency.

4. Flame retardant properties: Aluminum hydroxide is a common inorganic flame retardant that can effectively improve the flame retardant properties of ink. Adding an appropriate amount of aluminum hydroxide to the ink can release water vapor under the action of flame, lower the flame temperature, slow down the spread of flame, thereby reducing the risk of fire.

Generally speaking, in ink products, the type and amount of aluminum hydroxide need to be reasonably selected according to the specific requirements and performance requirements of the ink to achieve the best results.

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