The Application of Aluminum Hydroxide in Unsaturated Polyester Resin

  1. Filler and Reinforcement

  2. Aluminum hydroxide particles are commonly used as fillers and reinforcements in unsaturated polyester resin. Adding aluminum hydroxide can improve the mechanical properties of the resin, such as strength and rigidity. This helps increase the strength and durability of the final products.

  3. Flame Retardancy

  4. Aluminum hydroxide typically exhibits good flame retardant properties. Therefore, incorporating it into unsaturated polyester resin can enhance the flame resistance of the products, reducing the risk of fire. This is particularly important for applications that need to meet fire safety standards.

  5. Corrosion Resistance

  6. Unsaturated polyester resin is often used to manufacture corrosion-resistant products, such as chemical tanks and pipelines. The addition of aluminum hydroxide can enhance the corrosion resistance of the resin, making it more suitable for environments where it comes into contact with corrosive substances.

  7. Heat Stability

  8. In high-temperature environments, unsaturated polyester resin may degrade or lose its strength. The use of aluminum hydroxide can improve the resin’s heat stability, allowing it to maintain its performance under high-temperature conditions.

  9. Reduction of Shrinkage

  10. Unsaturated polyester resin typically experiences shrinkage during the curing process, which can result in dimensional instability of the products. Adding aluminum hydroxide can mitigate shrinkage, improving the dimensional stability of the products.

In summary, the application of aluminum hydroxide in the manufacturing of unsaturated polyester resin primarily encompasses filler and reinforcement, flame retardancy, corrosion resistance, heat stability, and dimensional stability. These applications contribute to enhancing the performance and suitability of unsaturated polyester resin products for various industrial and construction applications.

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