The Application of Aluminum Hydroxide in Conveyor Belts

  1. Reduction of Wear and Abrasion

  2. Conveyor belts often experience wear and abrasion when transporting materials, especially when dealing with hard or sharp substances. Adding aluminum hydroxide as a filler to the rubber or polymer base of the conveyor belt can significantly enhance its wear resistance. This helps extend the conveyor belt’s lifespan and reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

  3. Enhanced Fire Resistance

  4. Aluminum hydroxide possesses excellent fire-resistant properties. Therefore, incorporating aluminum hydroxide can make conveyor belts more fire-resistant. This is particularly important for conveyor belts used in applications involving the transportation of materials in high-temperature environments or in industrial furnaces.

  5. Improved Flame Retardancy

  6. In some applications, conveyor belts need to exhibit flame retardancy to reduce the risk of fires. The addition of aluminum hydroxide can enhance the conveyor belt’s flame retardant properties, making it more resistant to flames and high temperatures.

  7. Enhanced Mechanical Properties

  8. The use of aluminum hydroxide can improve the conveyor belt’s mechanical properties, such as strength and rigidity. This is particularly beneficial for conveyor belts used in applications that require withstanding high pressures or tensions.

  9. Cost Reduction

  10. Aluminum hydroxide is typically a cost-effective filler material. Therefore, its application in conveyor belts can lower manufacturing costs, improving the cost-effectiveness of conveyor belt production.

In summary, the application of aluminum hydroxide in the manufacturing of conveyor belts primarily involves reducing wear, enhancing fire resistance, improving flame retardancy, enhancing mechanical properties, and reducing manufacturing costs. These applications contribute to making conveyor belts more durable and suitable for various industrial and transportation applications.

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