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PF-1S Silane-Coated Aluminum Hydroxide

Coated Fine Aluminum Hydroxide

  • Product Type:
  • Min Order Quantity:
    1,000 KGS
  • Lead Time:
    10 – 15 Days

Product Properties:

PF-1S, Surface Coated Fine Aluminum Hydroxide power and the first of its kind in China. It is a highly advanced product manufactured by the latest surface modifying technology. The patent was solely developed and owned by Pengfeng. This technology enables Aluminum Hydroxide particles with high absorbability to reach their potential and generate optimized results in the process of surface modification. Therefore, it fundamentally resolves the problems of ultrafine particle ion aggregation, the inadequacy of surface modification, and the maldistribution of ions or particles. The Coated fine aluminum hydroxide powder (when applied in Aerospace, submarine cable, and weather-resistant cable products) has the following advantages over those surface unprocessed products:

  • Improve uniformity
  • Reduce processing energy
  • Provide hydrophobicity
  • Increase dynamic stability
  • Enhance physical properties
  • Reinforce flame retardancy

Typical Analysis:

Loss on ignition[%]34.5±0.5
Free moisture[%]≤0.30
Particle size (Laser diffraction)D50(μm)1.6-2.0
Bulk densitykg/m3280-450
Oil absorptionml/100g≤38
Whiteness (Elrepho 457nm)[%]≥98
Electrical conductivityμs/cm≤60
Refractive index1.58
Mohs hardness3


Disclaim: Information presented here is believed to be accurate and reliable but is not intended to meet any specification and does not imply any guarantee or warranty. All data listed here are reference values and subject to production tolerances. These values are only for the product description and no guarantee is placed on the properties. It remains the responsibility of the users to test the suitability of the product for their application.

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