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Modification: Solution for Flame Retardant Compatibility

Aluminum hydroxide is a commonly used flame retardant additive. In some specific cases, it may need to be modified to improve performance or meet specific needs.

  1. Enhanced compatibility: Modified aluminum hydroxide can be better compatible with the matrix material, reducing the compatibility issues between the matrix material and aluminum hydroxide. This helps ensure maximum flame retardant effectiveness and reduces reliance on other formulation ingredients. In addition, adding modified aluminum hydroxide can make the product more dispersible and more easily dispersed evenly in the product. It helps to ensure the uniformity and stability of the flame retardant effect, thereby improving the flame retardant performance of the overall product.
  2. Improve processability: Using modified aluminum hydroxide makes mixing and extrusion easier. For production or manufacturing, production efficiency can be improved and production costs can be reduced.
  3. Enhanced adhesion: Modified aluminum hydroxide may have better adhesion and can better adhere to the surface of the base material, thereby improving the durability and stability of the flame retardant effect.

Modification of aluminum hydroxide is a very good product solution
Our company not only provides silane-modified aluminum hydroxide, but also customizes products to meet different needs according to customer requirements, which can be adjusted according to specific application needs.

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