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Applications of Magnesium Hydroxide as a Flame Retardant in Various Industries

Magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) is a common flame retardant used in various industries to prevent or reduce the spread of fire. It works by releasing water vapor when exposed to heat, thereby reducing the flammability of the material being protected. Here are a few examples of industries where magnesium hydroxide is commonly used as a flame retardant:

Construction: Magnesium hydroxide is commonly used in building materials such as insulation, cables, and coatings to prevent fires. It is often used as a replacement for more toxic flame retardants such as halogenated compounds or antimony trioxide.

Electronics: Magnesium hydroxide is often used as a flame retardant in electronic devices such as computers, televisions, and cell phones. It can be incorporated into plastic housings and circuit boards to prevent fires caused by overheating or electrical malfunction.

Automotive: Magnesium hydroxide is used as a flame retardant in automotive parts such as seat cushions, steering wheels, and dashboard components. It is preferred over traditional flame retardants because it is non-toxic and does not emit harmful fumes when burned.

Textiles: Magnesium hydroxide can be used as a flame retardant in textiles such as clothing, curtains, and upholstery. It can be added to fabric during the manufacturing process to prevent fires caused by sparks or other sources of heat.

Overall, magnesium hydroxide is a versatile and effective flame retardant used in a variety of industries to enhance safety and prevent fires.

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