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Key Applications of Aluminum Hydroxide Flame Retardant in Solar DC Cable and Fire Survival Cables

With the rapid development of clean energy, solar photovoltaic systems are widely utilized globally. Solar DC Cables play a crucial role in connecting various elements of photovoltaic systems, especially solar panel arrays. These cables are not only suitable for indoor and outdoor use but also exhibit high mechanical strength in challenging weather conditions.

On the other hand, Fire Survival Cables are designed to maintain high temperatures for a specified minimum period under direct fire. The construction of these cables differs from ordinary cables. The conductor is manufactured with a specially designed heat barrier and fire-resistant insulation, preventing the fire from reaching the conductor surface. The cable continues to operate at high temperatures, depending on various operational conditions and applications. It finds applications in nuclear power plants, airports, metro rails, refineries, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, and cinemas.

As a manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant in China, we have substantial capabilities to address challenges in this field. Aluminum hydroxide flame retardant is a critical material, playing a crucial role in cable manufacturing. Here are the key applications of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant in both types of cables:

  1. Conductor Protection
  2. In Solar DC Cables, aluminum hydroxide flame retardant can be used as a protective layer for the conductor, ensuring the cable’s mechanical strength and the conductor’s performance under extreme weather conditions.

  3. Fire Barrier
  4. For Fire Survival Cables, the use of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant helps construct an effective fire barrier, preventing the spread of flames and ensuring the cable remains operational during a fire.

  5. Thermal Insulation
  6. Due to its excellent heat resistance, aluminum hydroxide flame retardant can serve as a thermal insulation layer in fire survival cables, helping the cable maintain stable performance in high-temperature environments.

  7. Environmental Friendliness
  8. As a manufacturer, we prioritize the environmental performance of our products. Aluminum hydroxide flame retardant has environmental advantages, contributing to the production of eco-friendly cables that align with sustainable development requirements.

  9. Performance Stability
  10. In the manufacturing of solar and fire survival cables, aluminum hydroxide flame retardant provides outstanding performance stability, ensuring the cable can operate reliably over the long term.

In the fields of solar and fire survival cables, the application of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant not only enhances product performance and safety but also drives the continuous advancement of clean energy technology. We are committed to providing cable manufacturers with high-quality aluminum hydroxide flame retardant, contributing to the ongoing progress of renewable energy and fire safety technology.

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