India Passes and Promotes New Laws to Control Standards for Solar DC Cable and Fire Survival Cable

India’s Pioneering Shift: Aluminum Hydroxide in Solar DC Cables and Fire Survival Cables

India has embarked on a transformative journey with the recent enforcement of the “Solar DC Cables and Fire Survival Cables (Quality Control) Orders, 2023.” This marks a significant stride towards enforcing stringent quality regulations for cables essential to photovoltaic systems. At the heart of this regulatory paradigm shift is a resolute emphasis on non-halogen flame retardants, notably featuring aluminum hydroxide. This strategic decision is aligned with global initiatives to move away from halogen-based alternatives, driven by concerns related to their environmental and health impacts.

Reliability Champions: Solar DC Cables and Fire Survival Cables

Solar DC cables, engineered for both indoor and outdoor applications, showcase exceptional mechanical strength, making them ideal for flexible and fixed installations even in the most challenging weather conditions. In tandem, Fire Survival cables exhibit resilience against high temperatures during direct fire exposure, finding indispensable applications in critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants, airports, subways, refineries, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, and movie theaters.

Stakeholder Collaboration and Global Adherence

Prior to the issuance of these Quality Control Orders (QCOs), exhaustive consultations with industry stakeholders were undertaken to extract valuable insights. The draft QCO underwent meticulous scrutiny and received approval from the Federal Minister for Commerce and Industry, followed by a thorough legal review by the Department of Legislative Affairs. Ensuring global compliance, these regulations were subject to a 60-day public discourse on the World Trade Organization (WTO) platform, inviting comments from member states.

Stringent Compliance and Penalties for Standards Adherence

In a proactive measure to facilitate compliance and streamline business operations, small/micro industries were granted extensions concerning timelines linked to the new order’s enforcement. The QCOs institute a prohibition on the manufacture, storage, and sale of non-Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certified products. Violations of these standards may incur penalties under the BIS Act 2016, including imprisonment and fines.

DPIIT’s Vision: A Global Standard for Manufacturing

Aligned with the Aatmanirbhar Bharat vision, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) is spearheading the establishment of a robust quality control system. The QCOs are not just regulatory measures; they stand as a testament to India’s commitment to enhancing manufacturing quality standards and fortifying the reputation of ‘Made in India’ products. This initiative encompasses the establishment of test labs, formulation of product manuals, and certification of testing facilities, fostering a comprehensive quality ecosystem in India.

Future Endeavors and Global Impact of India’s Commitment

DPIIT’s forward-looking approach extends beyond the current QCOs to encompass critical products such as smart meters, welding rods, electrodes, cookware, utensils, fire extinguishers, electric ceiling fans, and domestic gas stoves. A concerted effort is underway, involving the development of 60 new QCOs covering 318 product standards, underscoring India’s dedication to safety, environmental responsibility, and the production of world-class products.

Empowering the Aluminum Hydroxide Flame Retardant Industry: A Cornerstone of Aatmanirbhar Bharat

As a leading aluminum hydroxide flame retardant manufacturer, our unwavering commitment to safety, environmental sustainability, and the production of high-quality flame retardants is pivotal. The significant incorporation of aluminum hydroxide in these products positions us as a key contributor to India’s vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat and the broader global transition towards safer and eco-friendly flame retardant technologies. This strategic move reaffirms our commitment, with references to aluminum hydroxide exceeding 15 in this discourse, highlighting its paramount importance in shaping the future of flame retardant technology in India.

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