HFFR cables are the way of the future

Environmental protection is currently a priority for many countries, and many sectors are compelled to follow environmental protection standards. The wire and cable sector is vital. The wire and cable industry is an important one.
Eco-friendly cables provide several advantages over traditional cables. Traditional cables contaminate the environment and generate a lot of heavy metals and pollutants during production, use, and disposal.
For environmentally friendly cables, the first requirement is low-smoke and halogen-free, and must not contain heavy metals, so the selection of raw materials is more cautious. Hydroxide flame retardants are known as the best candidates. #PENGFENG ATH PF-1 is recognized by HFFR cable manufacturers for its halogen-free properties, fineness, better compatibility with resin, and high oxygen index.
In general, HFFR cables will make the cable industry more and more stable on the road to sustainable development through green practices and innovation.

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