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Halogen-free and low smoke: the most significant features of aluminum hydroxide as flame retardants

As a representative of halogen-free flame retardant additives, aluminum hydroxide plays an integral role in wires and cables, building flame retardants and other polymer additives. The most important thing is not only its excellent flame retardant properties, but also what people value more. It is its halogen-free and low-smoke characteristics

Halogen-free: Traditional flame retardants often contain halogen compounds such as bromine or chlorine. Although these halogens can effectively reduce flammability, they will produce toxic gases such as hydrogen bromide or hydrogen chloride when burned. These gases pose significant health and environmental hazards. Aluminum hydroxide is an excellent flame retardant because its chemical composition is absolutely halogen-free, making it a safer choice in terms of smoke toxicity and environmental impact after combustion.

Low smoke emissions: During a fire, materials treated with other flame retardants, such as organic halogen-free flame retardants or halogen-containing flame retardants, can release smoke and other harmful by-products. Excessive smoke can obscure visibility, impede evacuation efforts, and pose respiratory risks to inhalation victims in the event of a fire. The flame retardant principle of aluminum hydroxide at high temperatures is to absorb heat, release water vapor, effectively cool the surrounding area and suppress the flame instead of producing colored or even harmful smoke when combustion is incomplete. Aluminum hydroxide helps significantly reduce smoke emissions compared to other flame retardants, thereby improving overall fire safety.

In addition to these main important advantages, aluminum hydroxide has advantages as a flame retardant such as a high decomposition temperature, chemical inertness and excellent compatibility with various polymers. Overall, the halogen-free and low-smoke properties of aluminum hydroxide make it a first choice for flame retardant applications, especially in products and areas where safety, health and environmental issues are critical.

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