Aluminum Hydroxide: A Versatile Flame Retardant Material

Aluminum hydroxide, also known as alumina trihydrate, is a crucial component in building fire protection. It is widely used as a flame retardant in construction materials such as cables, wires, plastics, and coatings. Aluminum hydroxide acts as a heat sink by absorbing heat and releasing water vapor, which can prevent the spread of fire. In […]

HFFR cables help in a fire

HFFR (halogen-free, flame-retardant) cables are designed to limit the spread of flames and the emission of smoke and toxic gases when exposed to fire. When HFFR wires are subjected to fire, the insulation and sheath materials emit water vapor and carbon dioxide, which can help neutralize the flammable gases created by the fire. HFFR cables also […]

HFFR cables are the way of the future

Environmental protection is currently a priority for many countries, and many sectors are compelled to follow environmental protection standards. The wire and cable sector is vital. The wire and cable industry is an important one. Eco-friendly cables provide several advantages over traditional cables. Traditional cables contaminate the environment and generate a lot of heavy metals and […]