ATH in CCL: Safety and Performance Boost


Amid the dynamic landscape of the electronics industry, the manufacturing of high-end Copper Clad Laminates (CCL) is progressing toward unprecedented levels of performance and reliability.


1. ATH’s Special Properties

ATH, or Aluminum Trihydroxide, is great at releasing water when things get hot. With a fancy formula Al(OH)3, it’s a big help in making CCLs by keeping them safe from flames and stable in heat.

2. Putting ATH on CCLs

2.1 Mixing Things Up

ATH gets mixed well with the plastic in CCLs, making everything spread out evenly. This makes CCLs more stable and better overall.

2.2 Coating ATH on CCLs

Putting ATH on CCLs is like giving them a special protective coat. It stops flames and makes CCLs handle heat better.

3. Technical Benefits in Simple Terms

3.1 Less Fire, More Safety

By using ATH, CCLs can stop flames from spreading. It’s like having a superhero power that makes CCLs safer.

3.2 Staying Cool in Heat

ATH helps CCLs stay cool, even when things get really hot. This is super important for electronic devices that need to stay stable.

3.3 Stronger and Tougher

Besides keeping away flames, ATH makes CCLs stronger and more durable. It’s like giving them extra muscles.

4. ATH Around the World

4.1 China’s Success Story

China, a big player in making electronics, is using ATH in CCLs. This makes their products better, especially in things like phones and cars.

4.2 America’s Innovation Boost

In the United States, the electronic industry is using ATH to make things safer and more stable. It’s like giving a boost to new ideas and cool inventions.

5. ATH from Pengfeng

Positioned as an excellent choice within the Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) industry, PF-1C boasts numerous advantageous features. These include remarkable whiteness, a low electrolyte composition, impeccable crystallization, ultrafine particle size, easy dispersibility, centralized distribution, and outstanding compatibility with polymers. Notably, it exhibits a higher dehydration temperature. Its application in high-end Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) plastic coating processes ensures the fulfillment of stringent requirements for flame retardancy and smoke suppression performance.

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