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Excellent weather resistance for ASA resin

ASA Resin-Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate

  • Performance advantage

When compared to ABS, it has nearly ten times the weather resistance and UV resistance.

After 9–15 months outside, the impact intensity and elongation rate of ASA resin have nearly no change, and the color has almost no change.

Because ASA resin has high anti-static properties, its surface does not easily acquire dust. Due to its good coloring ability, ASA resin can be dyed in a wide range of bright colors without fading.

The performance offered by various ASA resin components varies. It becomes impulsive when the acrylic rubber percentage reaches 30%. Styrene and acrylic have strong heat resistance, hardness, and other properties. With increasing acrylate concentration, chemical stability improves. Except for weather resistance, mechanical properties are basically similar to ABS.

  • Molding processing

ASA resin has superior processing properties and doesn’t turn yellow during the process. Plastic injection molding, squeezing, pressing, and blowing can all be used to create it.

  • Application

Due to its high weather resistance and antioxidant capacity, ASA resin may be used as an inside lighting device and component as well as an outdoor construction material.

For example, motorcycle parts, components, shell lampshades, meters, computer cases, road signs, and household appliances.

Furthermore, it is becoming more prevalent in the textile, light industrial, sports equipment, leisure goods, labor protection, construction materials, rubber, and plastic modification industries.


Pengfeng ASA resin

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