Application of Aluminum Hydroxide Flame Retardant in Mobile Phones

Battery Flame Retardant Protection:

Mobile phone batteries are one of the potential fire risks in mobile phones, especially lithium batteries. Aluminum hydroxide flame retardant can be added to the shell material of the battery to improve the thermal stability and flame retardancy of the battery. This helps slow the spread of fire if the battery overheats or shorts, reducing the risk of fire and explosion.

Circuit boards and wires and cables:

 Adding aluminum hydroxide flame retardant to circuit boards, wires and cables and internal connection parts of mobile phones can effectively reduce the risk of burning these parts at high temperatures. This is to prevent the circuit board from generating fire under abnormal conditions, thereby protecting the safety of the electronic components inside the mobile phone and the user.

Plastic casing: 

The casing of mobile phones is usually made of plastic materials, and the addition of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant can improve the flame retardancy of the casing material and reduce the burning degree and speed of the casing when a fire occurs. This helps prevent the spread of fire in the enclosure, thereby reducing fire hazards to users.

Chargers and charging cables: 

Cell phone chargers and charging cables are also potential sources of fire, especially in substandard or low-quality products. Adding aluminum hydroxide flame retardant can improve the flame retardant performance of chargers and charging cables, reduce the risk of fire and protect the safety of users.

In general, the application of aluminum hydroxide flame retardants in mobile phones is mainly to improve the fire safety performance of mobile phones and protect users from the threat of fire. These applications ensure that the mobile phone maintains a relatively high level of security both in normal use and in accidental situations, while meeting internationally and regionally mandated fire safety standards

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