Aluminum hydroxide for glass

Low-iron aluminum hydroxide (Fe203≤0.005) is characterized by high purity and low iron and heavy metal content. It is used in products such as glass, resin, coatings, and electrical insulation.

Aluminum hydroxide adds aluminum oxide to the glass, which can enhance the stability of the glass and prevent glass from deteriorating. Glass with added aluminum hydroxide is harder than ordinary glass and is less likely to discolor the glass, further protecting the transparent white effect.

Alumina on Glass

Glass made of aluminum hydroxide does not contain high concentrations of iron and sodium impurities like ordinary glass. It can make the glass whiter, more transparent and brighter, reduce the thermal expansion and contraction of the glass, and enhance the resistance of the glass to external impacts. The effect is to protect the glass.
aluminum hydroxide can also be used in photovoltaic glass production.

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