The Role of Aluminum Hydroxide in Artificial Marble

Artificial marble is a popular building and decorative material that can resemble natural marble with a lower cost and easier processing. To improve the quality and performance of artificial marble, aluminum hydroxide is often used as a filler or additive.


Aluminum hydroxide has several features for the production of artificial marble, including high whiteness, superb dispersion, and flame retardancy. It can improve artificial marble’s toughness, scratch resistance, and impact resistance, as well as its surface shine and smoothness.


Moreover, aluminum hydroxide can also improve the flame retardancy of artificial marble. When exposed to fire, it can decompose and release water vapor and carbon dioxide, diluting the air, and slowing the spread of the fire. Therefore, artificial marble made with aluminum hydroxide can meet fire safety standards and be used in public places, such as airports, hospitals, and schools. Pengfeng has developed a new high-whiteness, low-viscosity product for solid surface products.


In conclusion, aluminum hydroxide is an important material for the production of high-quality and safe artificial marble, which can provide various applications and benefits in the construction and decoration industries.

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