Aluminum hydroxide: a comprehensive solution for medicine, environmental protection and industry

Aluminum hydroxide is an important chemical raw material, widely used in medicine, flame retardant materials, thermal insulation materials, water purification and other fields.

As an efficient antacid, aluminum hydroxide can effectively neutralize gastric acid and relieve stomach pain and indigestion symptoms. (Medicinal aluminum hydroxide)

In addition, the application of aluminum hydroxide in flame retardant materials is becoming more and more extensive. With its excellent flame retardant properties and low smoke and non-toxic characteristics, it has become an indispensable safety material for modern buildings and electronic products. (PF-1 series)

Thermal insulation foaming materials also need the addition of aluminum hydroxide to enable them to achieve certain standards of flame retardant and thermal insulation effects (PF-COP series)

Water purification is another important application field of aluminum hydroxide. Its good adsorption makes it excellent in removing impurities and pollutants from water, which helps to provide safe and pure drinking water. (NA series)

As a manufacturer and supplier of aluminum hydroxide, in addition to being able to provide aluminum hydroxide products of various specifications, we are also committed to providing high-quality products and professional technical support to meet the needs of different fields. We insist on innovation and environmental protection, provide customers with the best solutions, and jointly promote the sustainable development of various industries. Choosing our aluminum hydroxide products means choosing quality, safety and efficiency.

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